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Successful SAP Platform and Technology Solutions

Effectise Consulting - Successful SAP Platform and Technology Solutions

Our purpose is helping businesses get the maximum return on their SAP® technology investment and with everything we do, we apply a purpose maximisation approach. We are young and dynamic consultancy with a proven 15+ years technical expertise. We love what we do and we are passionate about it.

We believe SAP® customers deserve better performance, improved stability, a clear strategic road map and higher return on their investment. We add substantial value by ensuring the SAP implementations meet business requirements, are effectively implemented and delivered on time. Successful implementations create tremendous business benefits and more efficient business processes, which therefore lead to improved system stability, reduced costs, faster performance and increased profitability.

We make success easier to achieve by entirely focusing on your business needs, benefits and strategic objectives, which allows us to establish a strong engagement model to ensure optimal collaboration between all parties. True engagement only happens when there is stakeholder motivation. When aligned and focused to deliver value, project success is a natural consequence.


We LOVE what we do and we're passionate about it! We always focus on delivering the best value when it comes to SAP Platform and Technology Solutions and all else will follow. Our success has been built on our dedication to our purpose, technical expertise, strategic planning, and best-practice approach. We build and maintain long-term relationships by creating and maintaining the highest level customer satisfaction and this is one of our key steps to achieve our purpose. Genuine commitment, high level of engagement and result oriented approach to deliver the real business benefits get us the exceptional results. Creating and maintaining highest level satisfaction is extremely important and one of the key steps to achieve our purpose.

We are an SAP® OE Partner with "Build" "Service" and "Sell" focus on SAP HANA and SAP Database & Technology. We are also an AWS Consulting Partner in Amazon Partner Network.