100 SAP HANA Tips

For IT executives, SAP professionals and HANA experts;

Who are planning to migrate to SAP HANA,

We created a book which has the top 100 SAP HANA Tips,

Unlike the majority of confusing and contradictory information available on the internet,

100 SAP HANA Tips provides a clear and practical approach

To ensure the success of your HANA implementation.

Did you know that 79% of businesses do not get the VALUE they expected from their SAP investment?

A recent study showed that on average, project go-lives are delayed by 25%. This means higher project costs and delayed benefits. SAP implementations have the largest gap between planned and actual delivery. Also, only 21% of SAP projects achieve 50% or more of expected business benefits according to the same study.

We believe businesses that use SAP deserve improved return on their investment. We add substantial VALUE by ensuring projects fulfil their purpose, are effectively implemented and delivered on time.

Successful implementations create tremendous business benefits and more efficient business processes, which therefore lead to improved system stability, reduced costs, faster performance and increased profitability.

All businesses should have a higher purpose beyond simple financial success. The aim of Effectise is to fulfil our purpose of ensuring successful SAP migrations.

True engagement only happens when there is stakeholder motivation.

At Effectise, our primary focus is to use all our resources solely to fulfil our purpose, for the betterment of our clients, which ensures we achieve results and improved returns for clients.

We make success easier to achieve by entirely focusing on your business needs, benefits and strategic objectives, which allows us to establish a strong engagement model to ensure optimal collaboration between all parties. When aligned and focused to deliver value, project success is a natural consequence.