Did you know that 79% of businesses do not get the VALUE they expected from their SAP investment?

A study showed that on average, project go-lives are delayed by 25%. This means higher project costs and delayed benefits. SAP implementations have the largest gap between planned and actual delivery. Also, only 21% of SAP projects achieve 50% or more of expected business benefits according to the same study.

We believe businesses that migrate to S/4HANA deserve more efficient business processes, improved performance and stability, a clear strategic roadmap and higher return on their investment.

We add substantial value by ensuring projects fulfil their purpose, are effectively implemented and delivered on time.

Successful implementations create tremendous business benefits and more efficient business processes, which therefore lead to improved system stability, reduced costs, faster performance and increased profitability.

Our purpose at Effectise is to deliver Effective SAP Technology Solutions.

We make success easier to achieve by entirely focusing on your business needs, benefits and strategic objectives, which allows us to establish a strong engagement and ensure optimal collaboration between all parties.

True engagement only happens when there is stakeholder motivation. When aligned and focused to deliver value, project success is a natural consequence.


Our purpose is to ensure successful SAP transformations and with everything we do, we apply a purpose maximisation approach.

We are an agile and dynamic consultancy with a proven 10+ years of technical success.

We LOVE what we do and we’re passionate about it!

We always focus on delivering the best value for our customers and all else will follow.

We always aim to establish a constructive collaboration from all stakeholders.

Genuine commitment, high levels of engagement and a results-oriented approach deliver real business benefits and exceptional results.

Our success has been built on our dedication to our purpose, technical expertise, strategic planning, and best-practice approach.

We are committed to delivering substantial value that is recognised and sought after by our clients.

We build and maintain long-term relationships by creating and maintaining the highest level customer satisfaction and this is one of our key steps to achieve our purpose.

We are an SAP OE Partner with “Build”, “Service” and “Sell” authorization on SAP HANA and SAP Database & Technology. We are also AWS Consulting Partner in Amazon Partner Network.


We are a dynamic SAP consultancy specialising in SAP solution architecture, technical migrations (on-prem and public/private cloud), strategic roadmaps, BASIS / NetWeaver technology and SAP HANA platform.

We unleash the full potential of your SAP applications.

We provide consistent and seamless support for all your SAP solutions, regardless of how they’re deployed. Through our state-of-the-art consulting and support experience, we guide you at every stage of your digital transformation with SAP.

We offer a wide range of SAP support and maintenance options, from basic plans to collaborative partnerships. Ask us for our tailored support offerings and discover how we can help keep all of your systems running smoothly – 24 x 7 x 365

Solution Architecture

We design, create and execute your end to end SAP solution architecture, data center strategy, high availability and disaster recovery architecture, scalability and load balancing.


We create your company’s strategic SAP roadmap based on the immediate and long term business requirements and provide the methodology and systems to turn this vision into a reality.

SAP Migrations

We perform SAP OS/DB technical migrations with advanced methods to ensure the successful outcome. We are experienced in public cloud (AWS, Azure, HEC, Google Cloud), managed private cloud or on-premise with strong SAP HANA, Oracle, MSSQL and ASE skillset.

SAP BASIS / NetWeaver
Technical Consulting

We build, manage, install, tune and upgrade of your SAP systems, with expert knowledge in SAP Business Suite and new dimension products. We provide comprehensive SAP BASIS technical consulting and support, from day-to-day system operations to ad-hoc expert assistance on demand.


We migrate, run, grow and transform your business with SAP HANA. We perform detailed performance and workload analysis on your HANA instance to ensure you get the best performance.


Poor Planning

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. That’s why our planning methodology helps you through every aspect of your SAP® project;

from initial design, prerequisites, and resourcing, to directing, controlling, technical verifications and establishing continuous improvement. An effective plan will help you lower project costs, deliver key benefits with faster time to value and therefore reduce total cost of ownership. Our technical planning also focuses on reducing technical risk so you realise much higher business benefits and WE take all responsibility for delivering value with SAP®.

Lack of Expertise

At Effectise, we strongly believe the motto “Knowledge is power” (Sir Francis Bacon) and therefore we always keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest innovations and technologies from SAP®.

We learn it, we adopt it and we analyse the “real” business benefits. This ongoing learning process allows us to approach problems in a consistent, technically proven, unbiased and systematic way and unlike a “sales-oriented” perspective, it provides excellent value when it comes to making critical technical decisions.

Reduced ROI

When it comes to SAP projects ROI is often an issue. According to a latest study only 21% of SAP projects achieve 50% or more of expected business benefits. That means 79% of businesses do not get the value they expected from their SAP investment.

At Effectise, we work closely with all stakeholders throughout the project, understand their expectations and business benefits. This functional approach allows us to create a well-thought-out and foolproof project plan, which when following with a disciplined execution strategy, leads a successful outcome. Consequently, projects achieve expected business benefits and improved ROI.

No Strategic

Strategic planning helps you avoid the stall and get off the plateau you find yourself on. Without a proper strategic approach, your SAP investment is literally aimless.

At Effectise, we help you create a mid/long-term SAP technology roadmap that allows you to apply the right principles to guide your platform and infrastructure decisions throughout your SAP journey. We follow where SAP is investing in its technology portfolio and what the near-term directions are for the major technologies. This allows us to create a well-defined and innovative approach that meets your business needs in the short, medium and long term.


There are 3 key elements to achieve a well-designed SAP architecture: scalability, effectiveness and fault tolerance. At Effectise, we analyse your existing landscape and create a scalable, effective and fault tolerant SAP technical architecture to meet your business needs.

A scalable architecture will allow you to scale-up or scale-out very quickly, as needed. Effectiveness is not easy to achieve when it comes to SAP architecture. Companies either waste money on the systems they don’t need or don’t fit their business needs, or they have no proper architecture at all. Fault tolerance is usually an overlooked but very crucial element in real life scenarios. If you lose your SAP infrastructure you could very well lose your most important asset in your company – your data


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